Q & A

Job Running

How do I run the job?
Please read our "User Guide" in the documentation tab.

How do I know if my job is done?
In the home page, if the job is completed, under Job Status column, "Completed" status will be shown in green with a hyperlink to the job results.

What are the statuses available?
There are a total of 3 different job statuses - "Completed", "Expired", "XX%... In Progress".

After submitting the job to the server, status will be changed to "XX%... In Progress". Please wait while the server performs alignment and checking on your sequence.

Upon completion of your task, a link will be made available to your results page and the status will be changed to "Completed". Do note that all jobs will be shown "Expired" once all jobs are past the expiry date.

What should I put in my file upload?
You may either upload raw sequencing files (.ab1 or .fastq) or commpressed (.zip) ab1 files that you wish to analyse. Please note, the server currently can only accept ".ZIP" files, thus to avoid any delay, please use compress with ".ZIP" extensions.

What is an .ab1 file?
They are raw sequencing files sequencing raw data output from Applied Biosystems' Sequencing Analysis Software. When opened with a DNA file viewer, A, T, G and C reads along the DNA sequence are displayed in green, red, black, and blue lines corresponding to the position of the base in the sequence (as shown below).
Home Image

Results Analysis

I have download the Results.INF / Summary.csv / Skipped.tsv file. How do I interpret the data?
Please refer to our "Results Analysis" document in the documentation tab.

Technical Issues

I cannot see my submitted job!
Please contact our webmaster.

I would like to collaborate. Who do I approach?
You may drop us a text at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or contact us our webmaster directly.